Spring Has Sprung

Update your home with the newest spring trend of 2017, Fresh Jewel

Fresh Jewel: A Stunning Blend of Fragrant Shades and Jewel Tones

As each new season comes around it can often be difficult to find new and original inspiration to update your home. Look no further as here at LEAP Quality Homes and LEAP Constructions we are here to help. Before I get started, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Molly St John Mosse and I am employed at LEAP and have an immense interest in interior design. Both myself and the rest of the team at LEAP believe that interior is equally as important as exterior. More often than not that shade of paint or statement furnishing can differentiate whether you live in a house or home. This week, our focus is on creating a refreshing space and home that reflects the rejuvenating sense of spring. This spring for 2017 is the time for fresh jewel.

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Fresh Jewel takes its inspiration from the lustrous organic metals and gems of the earth as well as, the magnificent colours and glows of the cosmos. Vibrant colours such as emerald or sapphire spun as fresh and fragrant colours create a room that is not just luxurious but also, a breath of fresh air. By pairing this dynamic colour palette with glowing metal accents dotted here and there, your home will glimmer like stars. The aim of this trend is to ignite the romance and energy of spring into your home. To achieve this hot trend follow the easy tips and tricks below.

1. Colour Palette

To nail your fresh jewel colour palette the key is to have a distinct and definite range. This should be comprised of your focal vibrant jewel colour (for example emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst etc.). Note that this colour should take direct inspiration from the jewels of the earth. Next, you should have your base colour which should be either light or dark (such as a dark grey/black or light cream/white). This base colour provides you with an easy building block colour that can act as contrast and staple. This then should be paired with your youthful and fragrant romance shades. These help to dial back the bold passion of the jewel tone and allow for that romance to begin to play into the mix.

2. Accents

Accents are integral parts of the fresh jewel look. An absolute essential accent is the dotting of glimmering metals here and there as it bolsters the atmosphere and youthfulness of the trend. One of the positives of this accent essential is that you are at liberty to choose whichever metal you like. I personally love the traditional golds and silvers as they depict luxury and make me feel as if I live a life of leisure however, feel free to extend this accent trend to brass, copper or even a polished iron.

3. Fabrics

Fill your beautiful spring inspired home with soft fabrics that present luxury and comfort. Sheer, flowing curtains that pick up movement in the wind, indulgent fluffy cushions that allow you to sink into spring. My perfect pairing would be a dark sheer curtain that matches my base colour paired with an underlayer metallic fabric curtain. I love this sneaky way of adding your accent into the background of your room as well as your foreground.

4. Aromatics

Aromatics have been used in homes for centuries. As a home owner myself, I know what a difference these can make to the ambience of a home. This is a genius way of reaffirming the freshness of spring that the trend brings. Fragrant candles and scents will lift the senses of residents and guests creating a wonderful energy in your home.

5. Flora

Naturally, spring would not be spring without some flora. Spruce up this trend with fresh greenery that depicts the new beginnings and romance of spring. I would recommend not just using flowers in this situation as you want your flora to be subtle so as to inject modestly muted freshness into your home.