Maintain Your Deck | Keep it in Good Condition

Everyone with a deck will know that it’s a struggle to get it looking as good as new. They will also know that when the deck is looking great, it changes the whole look and atmosphere of that area. We have compiled some of the best tips to help you achieve a deck you can be proud of all year round!

Want a deck your friends will envy?

Follow the following tips!


Such a small task can go such a long way. Brushing your whole deck with a stiff broom will help remove loose dirt and allows you to see where mud and moss may be lingering. Sweeping the deck weekly will also help prevent dust and water from drying out your boards. While pressure washing seems like a less-strenuous way to clean your deck, it has the potential to strip the deck of it’s protective coating and splinter wood.


Make up a mixture of warm water and detergent, or 500ml of bleach in 10L of water. Drench your deck with the solution and scrub with a scrubbing brush or stiff broom. If you require a stronger solution for more stubborn stains, add more bleach or detergent to your solution. Sanding the deck is great for getting rid of marks and stains; however this hsould be done after cleaning to ensure you don’t push dirt into the boards as you sand.

Deck cleaning products are available for purchase and work well, especially for removing the grey timber on weathered boards. These products will also restore the deck to the timber colour ready for an oil coating.
If you notice bird droppings on your deck, use a hose on them as soon as you notice them. This will help stop them from staining the boards.


Now that your deck is nice and clean, it’s time to check whether there are any loose nails, boards or moisture damage. Loose boards and nails can easily be hammered back in; however timber with moisture damage will need more attention. The damage can often be removed by firmly sanding with sandpaper. If most of the deck is weathered and rough, consider hiring an industrial sander. Once you’ve attended to the loose boards and stains, hose the deck and let it dry.

Oiling & Staining 

UV rays have damaging effects which will cause your boards to crack and/or shrink. To avoid this we recommend oiling your deck. Choose a water-based decking oil with advanced UV protection – they are easy to apply, dry quickly and are often resistant to mould and fungus. Undercover decks can go two years without resealing.

How to: Pour the oil into a roller tray. Use an oil applicator, rollr or large brush to apply the oil to the entire deck. Let it dry. Then, depending on how much rain and sunlight your deck gets, you should add another one or two coats. 

Staining your Deck

Staining your deck can give it a consistent, polished look, adds colour and highlights the natural timber grain. The stain can be applied the same way you do the oil, as above. Completely cover one board at a time, before moving on to the next one – working from one side of the deck to the other. This will give you a smooth finish without the risk of painting wet stain over dry stained areas, which can cause blotchy spots.
We hope these tips come in handy when trying to keep your deck in an incandescent condition!