On our facebook page we upload weekly photos of all our current job sites and their progress. You can see previous jobs from the start of construction to finish, and view current jobs undergoing construction. Our LEAP clients love being able to see progress of their home being built or renovated, through frequent Facebook updates. Like our Facebook page today to see more.

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A home’s exterior can provide an overall decorative finish to any new home or construction. Exteriors can range from Brick, Concrete, Cladding, Stone Walls, Ply Wood and much more. The exterior you choose for your new home or construction can depend upon what is most reliable and desired for your climate, personal preference and budget needs

Currently in Construction

Here at LEAP Quality homes & Renovations and LEAP Constructions, we have a number of projects in construction. Our current projects range from residential to commercial from new homes to extensions, renovations and unit developments with many more projects in the planning stages. LEAP Quality Homes & Renovations and LEAP Constructions are expanding as we deliver high standards.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

There are number of different kitchen and bathroom designs available. From tiles to vanities, tap wear and overall colour selections the choices are endless. With such a vast number of ranges, sizes and styles to choose from to help create the exact look you’ve always imagined – making decisions can be a challenge. Here at LEAP.


The interior of your new home, extension or construction can be one of the most important parts as the majority of your time will be spent within your home. With many different designs and styles to choose from you may find yourself unaware of where to begin. There are many components that come in to play when it comes to the interior of your home, whether it is the number of rooms, the layout of your new home or what colours to choose – the decisions can be overwhelming.

Our Designs Page
Landscaping & Decks

Landscaping and decks are a great way to add to your beautiful new home, extension or Construction. Landscaping or adding a deck can allow you to give your new and improved home your own kind of personal touch. Decking and Landscaping Designs allow for you to add the finishing touches to your new home. The ‘Landscaping & Decks’ link provides images of previous projects that have personalised the clients new homes.