Kickstart Your Build: 10 Helpful Links

Kickstart Your Build: 10 Helpful Links

High End Homes hold the key to the luxury lifestyle you deserve!

High End Homes

Do you want a custom built home that will be your dream house? LEAP is here to help. Here are some useful links to help get you started with the world of high end homes. Our dedicated team are always available to answer any of your questions, just give them a call on 1300 00 LEAP!

 The LEAP Process guiding you through your high end renovation or custom home.

  1. Buyer’s and Renovators Guide
  2. Borrowing Power
  3. First Home Owners Construction Grant
  4. CommBank Renovating or Building 
  5. Extra Repayments
  6. Lump Sum Contribution
  7. Loan Switching
  8. Stamp Duty
  9. Income Tax
  10. Loan Repayments Calculator