Want a Designer Interior But Don’t Know How?

All homes have their quick tricks to achieve a designer interior. This blog will let you in on nine fool proof tricks to solve many of your design dilemmas.

Achieve a Designer Interior | Tips and Tricks

Trick 1 – A Corner Plant

Plants can often be forgotten when designing rooms. Plants provide a fresh urban naturalistic touch to your space. A lively green plant is a nice touch for a rooms. You should never be afraid to include one if you have the space. The tip to ensure your plant belongs in the space is the size. A large, leafy green will be a great piece that can hold its own amongst your finishings. For displaying your plant, a simple yet chunky container (such as a woven basket) and a plant that is easily maintained at around a metre tall such as a fiddle-leaf fig will visually fill the floor and wall space perfectly.

Trick 2 – Book Stacks

Besides the abundant source of knowledge books provide, having attractive books within your space allows you to correct minor decor dilemmas you may face. Sometimes a vase or sculpture can be a bit ‘has-been’, however by simply displaying these on atop of a book or two creates character, much like a sculpture on a pedestal. Stacking books can also help provide symmetry and height where needed within your space.

Trick 3 – Clear Furnishings

Clear furnishings will provide your space with contemporary style. Clean silhouettes provide a sense of modern style to your space whilst blending into surroundings ensuring your space doesn’t end up feeling wildly overdone. Clear shelves, plastic chairs or oversized pendant shades/lights will also add a fashionable style to your design space. Adding a touch of wood will add even more of a compliment to your clear decors.

Trick 4 – Add a Signature Colour

Keeping the floor and wall colours consistent throughout your spaces will ensure a flow of co-ordination. This makes it easier for you to transfer furnishings between different rooms which will result in your spaces becoming more flexible and fail-safe.

Trick 5 – Off-Centre Art

Off framed art can create a quirky asymmetrical look that feels artistic. This can even work with shelves, mantels or over tables. By keeping the art low and off to one side you create a stroke of decorative genius. Ensure all your decorative items are meaningful and effective, rather than over cluttering your space with filler objects you don’t love just to create a trendier look.

Trick 6 – Hidden Technology

As technology is ever changing in today’s new ‘must have’ society within a blink of an eye it can become tomorrows dated model. To make your space more modern when it comes to your technology, turn your media wall/cabinet into a display area that is able to tuck away technical boxes. This will allow the area to become an attractive focal point of the space.

Trick 7 – Throws and Blankets

A decorative and stylish throw or blanket can be the equivalent of the garnish place upon an exquisite meal, giving your space a sense of life, casual elegance as well as a dash of colour and texture. There is no need to be picky or fussy with your throw blanket. It is called a ‘throw’ for that reason. A gently and casually tossed throw provides your space with a needed softness.

Trick 8 – Black and White Pattern 

Black and white patterns can provide any space with a fashionable touch without screaming for attention. As these colours are neutral, they will remain neutral within even the wildest of colour palettes. Your sofas or beds can be elevated and transformed with a dash of black and white pillows providing a sophisticated look.

Trick 9 – Collecting Over Time 

The perfect way to design your space is to allow the finishing touches to be collected over time. It is best to take some extra time to make your decisions, this will help you to see how you’re chosen pieces work together whilst avoiding creating clutter.

Incorporating these quick tricks will help you design the home you love!

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